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Precision Machining Service
As part of our mission to provide complete manufacturing solutions to our customers, Classic Tool & Die offers unparalleled machining using a wide variety of materials. Whatever the size or volume of your product, our precision machining services can help you drive down costs, shorten lead times and simplify your supply chain. We provide machining for a wide variety of markets including the automotive, automation, aerospace, medical, and research/testing industries.
AWEA LP-4025 verticle bridge high-speed CNC
Achieve your machining objectives
When your project demands machined components with strict tolerances for quality, cost and time-to-market, Classic Tool & Die delivers the right solution for your precision machining and metal fabrication requirements.
Precision machining benefits include:
Low/high volume CNC and metal stamping production
Medium- to high-complexity components
In-house welding (TIG, MIG)
30 years experience in Wire-EDM cutting and currently operates one of the largest EDM in North America
In-house CMM capabilities
Fully equipped engineering department utilizing the latest in CAD and simulation software
Small to large fabrications
Our number one focus is to streamline your production and deliver the services you need to stay competitive.
Our value-added services include:
Design and engineering
“Lights-out” manufacturing
Rapid-response production support
A Partner You Can Trust
When you partner with Classic Tool & Die, you gain access to a suite of state-of-the-art, computer-controlled machining equipment that satisfies your most rigorous demands for production and quality.
Video of borring mill CNC
This video demonstrates a large mold being machined with a 6" cutter taking 0.125" deep cuts.
Video: WMV file 26 sec long
High speed connection
Click on picture to view video of CNC milling a large mold
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Low speed connection
Click on picture to view video of CNC milling a large mold
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