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Ahead of the game
CTD utilizes Dynaform die simulation software to test draw and form stations before they are manufactured.

CTD has also just implemented Quote Manager software to increase efficiency in quoting department.

Ivo Oppio (President) and Paulo L (Engineer) review a die design
   Like great masterpieces, Classic Tool & Die’s design and build solutions are perfectly balanced creations of innovation and inspiration, empowered by exceptional skill, vision and artistry of a great manufacturer.
   Dedicated engineers, accredited with years of experience in the field of die design, plan the development of your tools. Optimizing material usage, minimizing maintenance and eliminating all customers’ concerns of running high volume dies, is our area of expertise.
CAD and Software Capabilities
 Classic Tool is staying ahead of the game by utilizing the latest and most advanced software available from quoting to FEA simulation to die design.
Die and cutter path design using Cimatron software
Software used at CTD
Cimatron - 3D Die design & cutter path
Dynaform - Die simulation and analysis
Fastform - Die blanking simulation
Cadkey / Kubotek - Die design
Mastercam - Wire EDM cutter path
Stress analysis simulated on form station using Dynaform software
Dynaform in action
   Dynaform die simulation software allows us to streamline die design and development cycle by predicting formability problems before tooling takes place.
Click on the below links to view our sheet metal stamping simulations.
Roof rail draw station
Click link to see simulation
(492 Kb)
Roof rail form station
Click link to see simulation
(470 Kb)
Tail lamp draw station
Click link to see simulation
Tail lamp form station
Click link to see simulation
(672 Kb)
Supported Files
  CTD can support most PC based software from word processing, to imaging, to CAD. Please email us before sending data if you are unsure if we can read your file format.
The following is a list of CAD file formats that we support:
Import / Export
PFM files
SAT files
IGES / IGS files
STEP files
SDRC IDEAS Universal files
Cadkey / Keycreator PRT files
Cadkey / Keycreator Pattern files
VDA files
Parasolid X_T files
Auto CAD (dxf files)Auto CAD (dwg files)
STL files
ACIS SAT files
LS-Dyna files
ASCII files
CADL files
GEO files
GE 3 3.21 files
GE 3 3.1 files
NFL files
Dynaform Database
FEMB Database files
Dyna In files
Mold Flow files
C – Mold files
Parasolid files
VRML files
Quick App files
Windows Meta files
Post GL files
Model Properties files


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