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Wire Cutting
What is wire EDM all about and, when should you EDM?

Email your CAD data in any file formats supported for an exact estimate.

Wirecut EDM Service
   Classic Tool & Die Inc. is not just a preferred metal stamping die supplier, but is also a valuable source for customers with Wire-Cut EDM needs. In 1984, Classic Tool & Die pioneered wire cut EDM service in Southern Ontario. Today, more than ever, we understand the demands you face to produce larger and more complex components. Classic, the most experienced in EDM wire cutting, can accommodate your oversized work pieces, using machines with the largest cutting capacity available in North America. Don’t let your customers’ larger tooling requests limit your options to conventional machining. Call us for solutions. We offer the largest Wire EDM capacity to meet tomorrow’s challenges today.Classic uses wire EDM to cut a jet turbine for testing. No heat or stress is induced on the sample
   Give us any work piece of conductive material, soft or hardened, including carbide and titanium, and let us put our system to work for you. With the best technology to cut material in two or four axis with a Z height of up to 20”, the possibilities are endless. We can generate cutter paths from customer CAD data, print, or your part may be digitized from a sample. Give us your biggest, we’ll give you our best.
Machine Capacities
Classic Tool & Die offers 3 wire EDM machines to suite any requirement:
Classic Tool's Hitachi 8Q is one of the largest wire EDM in North America
Hitachi 8Q
One of the largest wire
EDMs in North America
Max work piece: X 57" Y 41" Z 20"
Table stroke: 40" X 32"
Max weight capacity: 4,400 lbs.
Max taper angle: 7.875" +/- 12 deg
CTD was the first company in North America to impliment the Charmilles 690
Charmilles Robofil 690
First 690 commissioned
in North America
Max work piece: X 54" Y 39" Z 16"
Table stroke: 31.5" x 23.5"
Max weight capacity: 4,410 lbs.
Max taper angle: 4.375" +/- 15 deg
CTD is the first tool and die company in south Ontario to utilize wire EDM technology
Fanuc P Series
First wire EDM utilized
in southern Ontario
Max work piece: X 25" Y 30" Z 8"
Table stroke: 14" x 10"
Max weight capacity: 352 lbs.
Max taper angle: 4" +/- 10 deg
Maximum Taper Capabilities:
Workpiece Height     Maximum Angle


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