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Classic is proud to display our awards and achievements.
Apprenticeship Training Fund Boosted
Classic Tool hosts government funding announcement
May 24, 2006 Classic Tool hosts a government funding announcement. Chris Bentley (minister of training, colleges and universities), Sandra Pupatello (MPP Windsor West), Bruce Crozier (MPP Essex), John Strasser (president of St. Clair College) and Valentino Pistor (former director of education) were just a few of the guests at CTD that day.
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"Apprenticeship training fund boosted" was televised on "A channel news"
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Full coverage also included in "The Windsor Star" newspaper article
Technological Education News
"The Apprenticeship Payback"
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CTD is once again recognized for its great success in the apprenticeship program. This article features a few of our current apprentices including Frank Lochinger, one of our very first employees at Classic Tool. Once an apprentice himself, he now trains other CTD apprentices.
The Minister's Award
Established in April 2002, The Ministerís Award for Excellence in Apprenticeship Training recognizes those agencies that exceed standards in customer service, effectiveness and efficiency, and demonstrate the ability to maintain and improve results over time. The Ministerís Award for Excellence is granted annually by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to four community-based agencies and colleges from all over Ontario. Classic Tool & Die was honored to be selected as a recipient of this prestigious award in April 2004.
The Windsor Star "25 Years of Classic dedication"
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As a salute to our company's 25 anniversary, Classic Tool was featured in a two page spread in the Windsor Star newspaper. A special thanks to all our dedicated vendors for supporting us all these years.
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The Windsor Star
"Salute to excellence"
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"Staying ahead of the curve" was a special feature in the Windsor star honoring the OYAP program for it's great success in placement of students in the skilled trades. Two of Classic Tool's employees Scott Summerfield and Vido Pantovic were photographed learning practical skills at Classic Tool.
Canadian Machinery and Metalworking
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"The first cut is the deepest, an EDM story"
An article featuring once again, our Hitachi wire EDM published in May of 1999 in the Canadian Machinery and Metalworking magazine.
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Canadian Industrial Machinery
In April of 1995, our Hitachi wire EDM was featured in the Canadian Industrial Machinery magazine. As being the largest wire EDM in North America, it drew much attention.
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The Windsor Star "On the cutting edge"
In 1991 Classic Tool developed a one-of-a-kind water jet system that was utilized to cut automotive door trim. A solution was required to cut the rubber coated trim without any distortion to the form. A 5-axis water jet was the answer.
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The Windsor Star
"Family tool and die firm adds high-tech machine"
In 1984, Classic Tool was one of the first Tool companies to utilize Wire Electronic Discharge (EDM) technology. Throughout our history, EDM has always been our niche in the business. We now utilize four EDMs, one of which is the largest in North America.
See our EDM page for more info on our wire cut services.
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